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Answer: Yes. The VLink app is available for free on Android and iOS via the Google Play store and Apple app store respectively.
Answer: Any Android device with Android 4.4 and above or iPhone/iPad with iOS 8 and above will run the VLink app.
Answer: At this time, the VLink app is not supported on Windows or Blackberry phones.
Answer: These desktop browser versions are supported with the VLink web app:
-Chrome: All versions
-Internet Explorer: 11 or higher
-Edge: 13 or higher
-Safari: 9 or higher
-Opera: 35 or higher
-Firefox: 45 or higher
Answer: These mobile browsers support the VLink web app:
-iOS Safari 8.4 or higher
-Android OS browser 4.4 or higher
Answer: The VLink system can be used as long as a wireless router is present to connect the adapter to a home network. Dial up service and internet connection speeds of less than 5 Mb/s may make the app communicate slower with the VLink Wireless Adapter.
Answer: Any internet speed will work with the VLink app, but non-broadband internet (less than 5Mb/s) may impact performance.
Answer: Yes. The VLink Wireless Adapter was intended specifically for wireless use.
Answer: As of now, The VLink does not support Bluetooth connection. This feature will be added to the VLink app in a future update.

Warranty and Repairs:

Answer: Talk to your VLink distributor. Refunds are dependent on a distributors return policy.
Answer: Talk to you VLink distributor. Exchanges are dependent on a distributors exchange policy.
Answer: Do not attempt to repair the VLink Wireless Adapter by yourself. Opening the back of your VLink will void any warranty. Refer to the VLink User Manual, troubleshooting guide, or call our support line at (provide number here) to confirm that any problems you are experiencing elicit a repair on your VLink adapter.
Answer: Century advises against purchasing a used VLink Wireless Adapter. Currently, VLink adapters are tied to accounts created by their owners that will lock the use of that particular VLink to their accounts. Century does not have the ability to disconnect a user’s account from their VLink Wireless Adapter, thus there is no way to ensure that a used VLink will be able to connect to a new account.
Answer: No. There is no manufacturer extended warranty available for the VLink Wireless Adapter.
Answer: The VLink Wireless Adapter is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 18 months from the date of installation of 24 months from the date of manufacture, whichever comes first.
Answer: Yes. Opening the VLink Wireless Adapter in any way that is not explicitly stated in the Quick Start guide or VLink User Manual will void the device’s warranty.
Answer: The VLink Wireless Adapter is water-resistant, per NEMA 3R outdoor specification when installed on a vertical surface.

Installation and getting started:

Answer: The VLink Wireless Adapter was intended to be used with any wireless router that communicates on the 2.4GHz wireless channel.
Answer: The VLink Wireless Adapter cannot be connected to the internet via a wired connection. It must be connected onto wi-fi using a wireless router.
Answer: Wireless router must be able to communicate on 2.4GHz channel
Answer: Using the Century VLink app on your mobile device or through the web, the user can follow our Quick Start guide to connect the VLink Wireless Adapter to their home wireless network.
Answer: If there is an existing motor UI connected to the RS-485 connector needed for the VLink, it should be removed so the VLink can be installed. The VLink will then be able to control the VGreen motor in the place of the previous UI.
Answer: Talk to your VLink seller about professional installation.
Answer: Yes, installing the VLink Wireless Adapter can be installed by following our Quick Start guide and/or VLink User Manual. Installation can be completed within 30-45 minutes.
Answer: Check the VLink Wireless Adapter to see if the Power LED is constant ON, the ALL STOP LED is constant ON, and the Wi-Fi LED should be blinking once per second (this indicates that the VLink is ready to be registered and connected to a wireless network.) If this is not the case or if there is a blinking light on the VLink Wireless Adapter, refer to the troubleshooting guide for more information. After following the Quick Start guide or VLink User Manual installation instructions, check to see if the VLink app is working correctly and allows you to register your VGreen motor to the account you’ve created
Answer: Yes, you may link up to two VGreen motors to a VLink account.
Answer: To fully install and operate your VLink Wireless Adapter you will need a compatible VGreen motor, small flathead and philips head screwdrivers, a wireless router with 2.4GHz communication enabled, a smart phone capable of running the VLink mobile app, and an area to install that has strong signal from your wireless router.
Answer: For regular operation, you may also use the web app by logging in at NOTE: to install and register the VLink and create or delete an account, you will need to use the mobile app.
Answer: No. The VLink Wireless Adapter needs an internet connection, but does not require a land line phone.
Answer: No. The VLink Wireless Adapter can be installed with just a smart phone using the VLink app.
Answer: Yes. The mobile app is required for registering the VLink product with an account as well as creating or deleting accounts.
Answer: Small flat and phillips head screwdrivers are needed to connect the RS-485 cable and mount the VLink system
Answer: In almost all cases, home networks will not need special ports opened for the VLink to work correctly. Networks with restricted access may need ports opened.
Answer: No. As long as the wi-fi router that the VLink is connected to is powered on and working, VLink does not require a computer to function.
Answer: No. You may use the web app to operate your VLink. A smart phone is not needed if you choose to control the VLink this way. NOTE: To register your VLink and create or delete an account you will need to use the mobile app with a smart phone or tablet.
Answer: No. You may use the web app to operate your VLink. A smart phone is not needed if you choose to control the VLink this way. NOTE: To register your VLink and create or delete an account you will need to use the mobile app with a smart phone or tablet.
Answer: To learn more about your home network’s specific security protocol and/or security key, refer to your router’s login web page or the manufacturer’s support website.
Answer: Refer to the included Quick Start guide or the online VLink User Manual for instructions on how to install your VLink Wireless Adapter.
Answer: The VLink Wireless Adapter should be mounted in a location with strong wi-fi signal and away from large metal surfaces.
Answer: The VLink can be mounted anywhere there is strong signal from the wireless router, regardless of distance. Different wireless routers have varying distances for a strong signal.
Answer: Using your mobile phone or device, connect to your wi-fi at the location near where you wish to mount your VLink Wireless Adapter. If your mobile device shows a strong wi-fi connection, the area is a good candidate for the VLink to be installed.
Answer: RS-485 cables up to 200ft in length will work with VLink.
Answer: To mount the VLink Wireless Adapter, pick a location that is easy to access, has strong wireless signal strength, and is not near large metal surfaces. Then, with the supplied mounting hardware, attach the mounting bracket to your desired location. Once the bracket is installed, the VLink can be easily attached by sliding the unit onto the mounting bracket until it snaps into place.
Answer: It is recommended that the VLink Wireless Adapter be mounted properly before use for best results.
Answer: VGreen 165 or VGreen 270 motors can be run using the VLink Wireless Adapter.
Answer: Allow several minutes for the connection process to complete. The first time connecting your VLink to your router can take 5-10 minutes.
Answer: When a communication issue occurs, refer to the VLink troubleshooting guide within the VLink User Manual or on the VLink website.
Answer: The VLink may be installed by the end user or by a VLink technician. Refer to the Quick Start guide or VLink User Manual for installation procedures.
Answer: Yes. Users may uninstall the VLink Wireless Adapter and then re-install following proper installation procedures at their new location.
Answer: The Quick Start guide comes packaged with your VLink Wireless Adapter. An online version of the guide can be found here: Download
Answer: The VLink installation and VLink User Manual can be found by scanning the QR code supplied on the VLink packaging or by clicking here: Download
Answer: You can learn more about installing your VLink by reading the Quick Start Guide or VLink User Manual.

Mobile issues:

Answer: Confirm that your mobile phone and VLink adapter are both connected to the internet correctly. If the VLink adapter has a blinking wireless indicator refer to the troubleshooting guide for a diagnosis of the problem. If there are still connection problems after connecting to the internet, contact Century VLink support at 1-884-333-2260.
Answer: Yes. The VLink app does not restrict access on different phones as long the user logs into their account on both devices.
Answer: There are several instances where you will not be able to start or stop the motor with the VLink app. First check and verify the motor and VLink Wireless Adapter have power applied. If so, these are possible reasons that include:
-A Digital Input is connected
-The ALL STOP button has been pressed on the VLink adapter
-The VLink is in Service mode
-The VLink is not connected to the internet
-The smart phone you are using is not connected to the internet
Answer: The VGreen motor has detected a digital input connection and is using this connection for motor control.
Answer: For the VLink Wireless Adapter, digital input means that there is a 9V-24V input already connected to the motor that runs the motor at predefined speeds.
Answer: Aux stands for a relayed output that controls other auxiliary components to your system, such as pool lights.
Answer: The service mode for VLink allows a technician to service and start/stop a user’s VGreen motor without needing access to the user’s VLink account.
Answer: Using the VLink app, the motor can be put into service mode for up to 12 hours. Ideally, service mode is used only as long as a technician needs access to the motor.

Connection Issues:

Answer: Find more information on motor or VLink errors, go to the VLink app menu, then the "Motor info" tab, and then the "Faults" option to see the error. Refer to the VLink troubleshooting guide for potential solutions. If no solution is present or the error is not listed in the guide, contact VLink Support at 1-884-333-2260.
Answer: For an explanation on a particular error message, contact VLink support at 1-884-333-2260.

General questions:

Answer: The VLink mobile app allows for full functionality, including creating VLink accounts and registering/connecting to a VLink Wireless Adapter. The web app can be used for day-to-day activities such as checking pump status, but cannot create an account or connect to a VLink adapter
Answer: The VLink Wireless Adapter can bring convenient wireless control to your current VGreen 165 or VGreen 270 pump motors without the need for buying an entirely new pool pump system, saving users time and money.
Answer: The VLink App and VLink software will be updated regularly. You can check for updates by looking under the “software update” tab within the app.
Answer: Updating your VLink mobile app and VLink software (firmware?) will ensure that your VLink system will run as smoothly as possible while adding new features as they become available.
Answer: Currently, there is no auto update functionality for the VLink app or VLink adapter. This may be added in a future version of the software.
Answer: The VLink mobile app can be updated by checking the “software update” tab in the side menu within the app. VLink software will also be updated from this same tab.